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Please be aware that Lonely Lentil will be closed from Tuesday 28th May to Monday 17th June 2024. We’re off on a holiday!

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What we stand for

Fill your store cupboards with a wide variety of nutritious staples from our dry foods pantry.

Buy only the quantities you need to save money and reduce waste.

Dramatically reduce your consumption of single-use plastics.

Rice, pasta, pulses, nuts, dried fruits, dried herbs and spices are just a few of our offerings. Our products are organic wherever possible, so you can look after your body and the planet! We are proud to deliver only the highest quality and most delicious products conveniently to your doorstep.

Choosing organic is an easy way to avoid pesticides, herbicides and many additives and preservatives. Organic food always comes from trusted sources and has many benefits for the environment and wildlife. We are proud to supply produce certified as organic. This means you can be sure that the food has been produced to the highest standards



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Lonely Lentil® · Scooping since 2019

Lonely Lentil® · Scooping since 2019