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About Lonely Lentil

Lydia’s involvement in establishing the Thatcham/Newbury Sustainable Living Market sparked the idea to create a zero-waste food business to serve the local area.

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With the recent media coverage of climate change/single-use plastic consumption, it is an area of business that is rapidly expanding in the UK. The aim with Lonely Lentil is to encourage people to make changes to their lifestyles to become more sustainable and eco-conscious in the way they live.

Lonely Lentil is passionate about the morals and ethics of what it does. Hopefully a real impact will be made in the local area by the ethos of shopping less wastefully/more sustainably . It's about building awareness of more sustainable alternatives to plastic-wrapped foods and groceries and becoming part of the solution.

Lonely Lentil loves collaborating with other local independent businesses, in the of hope to supporting a movement towards shopping locally. It seems the public are beginning to change their habits in the way they shop in recent times... rather than the convenience of a supermarket, people want quality and more personal service from local businesses. Hopefully this trend will continue to grow and flourish. Independent businesses often have more of personality, heart and uniqueness about them, which the big corporates cannot replicate on such a large scale.

Lonely Lentil is about building a local community passionate about making the small changes that collectively will make a difference. Will you join the Lonely Lentil mission?

About Lydia

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Being a devoted animal lover, Lydia embraces a plant-based diet, heavily reliant on the whole foods Lonely Lentil offers.

“Cooking is a real passion of mine… I love making aromatic dishes with an abundance of spices and herbs most of all”.

Lydia also loves getting creative with "veganising" traditionally meat-based dishes for her family to enjoy.

“By cleverly utilising a range of wholesome pulses, nuts, spices and grains alongside fresh veg, it’s possible to reinvent almost any meat-based recipe to be vegan and utterly delicious!”

Lydia’s involvement with a local wildlife rehabilitation charity first sparked her interest in reducing plastic consumption as much as possible.

“Seeing how discarded rubbish and climate change is affecting our precious wildlife really began opening my eyes to the crisis we face with waste.”

Lydia’s love for animals certainly keeps her busy! She is also a proud ‘mum’ to a small menagerie of rescue animals… never hesitate to chat if you too are animal-mad!

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